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Image by Chelsea shapouri

About Us

Unlock the power of self-care with FeechiBody. Born out of personal struggle with dry skin, our mission is to provide you with nourishing products that truly make a difference. Our journey started in 2020 during the pandemic when traditional lotions failed to heal my cracked skin. Determined to find an effective solution, I delved into the world of shea butter and its incredible benefits for the skin. After creating my first batch, within just three days, I witnessed a remarkable transformation – my skin was finally healing.

Driven by this life-changing experience, I founded FeechiBody to share this powerful secret with others who deserve healthier, more radiant skin. Our handcrafted body butter harnesses the goodness of shea butter and other natural ingredients to provide deep hydration and nourishment. Each jar is meticulously hand-made with love and care, ensuring you receive a top-quality product that delivers results.

Join us on this self-care journey and experience the transformative effects yourself. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to glowing, supple skin. Embrace the beauty of nature with FeechiBody – because your skin deserves nothing less than pure indulgence.

Warmest regards,


Image by Camille Brodard
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