Will this body butter work for my skin type? (dry, oily)

Yes, our body butter is made of all-natural ingredients that work for all skin types. We recommend a skin test to make sure you don't have a reaction. As with any new product consult with your medical doctor before use.

Can I use the body butter every day?

Yes, depending on your skin needs, it can be used daily or several times a day

Why did my body butter melt?

Our body butter is made from natural ingredients that react to natural environments (heat, cold, etc). We provide extra packaging to help to keep the body butter cool during shipping. We recommend keeping the body butter in a cool place to avoid melting. If it does melt you can refrigerate it for up to an hour to resolidify the body butter.

Will the hair butter make my hair grow?

We can not and do not guarantee hair growth with our products. We believe that our hair butter can enhance your current hair care regimen and promote hair growth.

How do I store my body butter?

Store body butter at room temperature. Do not expose  to extreme heat

What is your processing time?

Normal processing  time is 1 business day for items that are ready and in stock. Out of stock or low inventory items will have extended processing time 2 to 3 business days. Anything longer the customer will be notified.